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1 year

December 5, 2023


Hi there, I’m Beanie – and boy, do I have a story for you!

I’ve been here at TDHS for several months now, as they have been working hard to figure out what’s wrong with my leg. SO many smart people have been talking about me, trying to determine how I can live my best life. 

I am currently on special medication that has been helping with potential nerve damage in my leg, but we still don’t know if I’ll be able to keep it in the end. They tell me I would have no problems getting around with three legs, but the doctors are giving me time to see if it’s necessary or not.

They say my determination and bravery are truly inspiring, and I don’t let anything hold me back from enjoying life to the fullest. That is definitely true, as I love nothing more than to run and jump and play with toys. I prove every day that I am just as capable of fun and play as any other cat.

If you’re looking for a cat with a loving heart and an inspiring spirit, I am the one for you. I am ready to fill your home with warmth, purrs, and the kind of love that only a brave survivor like I can give. Adopt me today and become part of my incredible journey.

If you believe Beanie would be a great fit for you, please submit an application form via email at

Application can be found here. For more information, contact us at 705-264-1816 during business hours.

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