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1 year

April 4, 2024


Espeon here, the second of two delightful black brothers eagerly awaiting their forever homes. My strikingly handsome looks is only matched by my charming personality. At just over a year old, I embody the perfect blend of youthful playfulness 

and mature affection.

Whether I’m chasing a toy or observing birds from the window, my inquisitive nature keeps me engaged and entertained. I get along very well with other cats, including my brother, Umbreon, and would do well in a home with other feline friends or as a solo pet where I can receive plenty of attention.

If you’re looking for a cat who is as loving as he is playful, I may be the perfect choice. My endearing personality and lively spirit will make me a cherished member of any household. Let me fill your home with joy, purrs, and endless entertainment.

If you believe Espeon would be a great fit for you, please submit an application form via email at

Application can be found here. For more information, contact us at 705-264-1816 during business hours.

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