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Husky Mix


4 months

Approx 30 lbs

April 24, 2024


Hey there, future best friend! My name's Andromeda, and I'm here to bring some husky magic into your life. With my fluffy fur and twinkling eyes, I'm ready to be your loyal companion through thick and thin.

I'm a bundle of energy and love wrapped in fur! Whether it's chasing after toys, going on adventures, or simply snuggling up for some cuddle time, I'm always up for fun. I've got a playful spirit and a heart as big as the sky – ready to fill your days with laughter and joy.

I'm looking for a forever home where I can be showered with love and attention. I would definitely need a family who is willing to spend some time training me so I can be the bestest girl.

So what do you say, friend? Let's start our journey together and make memories that'll last a lifetime. I promise, with me by your side, every day will feel like a cosmic adventure!

If you believe Andromeda would be a great  fit for you, please submit an application form via email at

Application can be found here. For more information, contact us at 705-264-1816 during business hours.

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