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1.5 years

85 lbs

June 4, 2024


Hi there, I'm Aspen, I’m a bundle of joy who's ready to bring some extra love and excitement into your life!

First things first, I'm a unique blend of Husky and Poodle, which means I've got the best of both breeds, all wrapped up in one adorable package! With my unique fur and expressive eyes, I tend to melt hearts wherever I go.

As a young pup, I've got plenty of energy to spare! I get along with other dogs very well, but when it comes to manners….let’s just say I’m in need of a little help. While I do know commands like sit and paw, I will need some lessons on walking like a gentleman.

I'm a quick learner and eager to please, which means I'll do my best to be the perfect companion for you. Whether it's learning new tricks or just being a loyal friend, I'm up for the challenge. And with my friendly and outgoing personality, I'm sure to make friends wherever I go.

So, what do you say? Are you ready to welcome a fun-loving, affectionate pup like me into your home?

If you believe Aspen would be a great  fit for you, please submit an application form via email at

Application can be found here. For more information, contact us at 705-264-1816 during business hours.

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