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Special Dog with Unbreakable Spirit Seeks Loving Family









Husky Mix


5 Years and 5 Months

57 lbs

February 13, 2024


Hi I’m Tuco – and what I want more than anything, what I NEED more than anything, is a forever family who will love me for who I am, the way I am!

My past is a bit of a mystery. We know I was raised up North and that I came to Timmins in hopes of finding someone who could help me. We didn’t know exactly what was wrong with me at first, only that my back legs didn’t seem quite right.

What we found out has everyone wondering how I’ve managed to adapt as well as I have and be the amazingly happy dude that I am.

I hear the kind people at the shelter talk about my having multiple issues. My back leg bones are malformed (the bones are kinda twisted) and that has also affected my hips. At first, there was talk of my possibly undergoing multiple surgeries to correct the issues, but we learned that it would cost almost $20,000 - and that the recovery and possible complications may be too much for me. So, after A LOT more talk with the shelter veterinarian who was talking to specialists and staff watching how I was doing with my current supportive care, they decided that I was showing I could happily live with my current condition – with ongoing supportive care and regular veterinary check ups.

So, what does this mean for my future family? I will need to be on medication for life – both pain management and joint support to ensure my comfort and mobility. You will need to be committed to my medical care, which does include regular vet visits and blood work. Most importantly you need to be able to closely monitor me to ensure that any signs of pain or discomfort are dealt with.

Despite my medical challenges, my spirit is unbreakable and I have a heart full of love that I NEED and WANT to share. I am a super playful and loving boy who loves to run, chase after toys and explore my surroundings. That being said, I haven’t received a lot of training over the years and I need someone with patience and consistency to help me become the best version of myself. My ideal family would have dog experience and be willing to invest time into positive reinforcement training. I love all people and dogs (I would do best in a home without cats though).

I know all this sounds daunting. I know it may sound easier to simply adopt a puppy or a dog without all these extra responsibilities, but let me tell you something. The shelter staff and volunteers tell me everyday that there’s a fur-ever family of my own out there and that I shouldn’t give up hope. They say I’m 100% worth it and that I will find a home who will love me the rest of my days.

And I believe them!!

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