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Euthanasia &


Compassionate End-of-Life Services for Beloved Pets at TDHS

Losing a pet is a difficult and heartbreaking one.  Having to make the tough decision to euthanize a beloved pet adds another level of pain and heartbreak to the experience.

At TDHS we offer both euthanasia and cremation services.  Though our mission is to save and help animals, we understand that providing end of life services is also important, not only to the human losing their beloved pet, but for the animal as well.  By providing a reduced fee for these services, we try to ensure that no animal is left to suffer when their time to leave us comes.

Please note, euthanasia services are by appointment only.  Please call at least twenty-fours hours before your desired date/time of euthanasia, in order to avoid any delays in your request.

For more information please call us at 705.264.1816 or email us at

Euthanasia Fees

Euthanasia of Dog
Euthanasia of Cat
Pocket Pet/Exotic

Cremation Fees


No Ashes Returned:

  • Small (<6kg)

  • Medium (7-18kg)

  • Large (18-49kg)

  • X-Large (50+kg)

  • Pocket Pet / Exotic


Semi-Private (ashes returned):

  • Small (<6kg)

  • Medium (7-18kg)

  • Large (18-49kg)

  • X-Large (50+kg)

  • Pocket Pet / Exotic


Private (ashes returned):

  • Dogs (49kg and under)

  • Dogs (50kg and over)

  • Cats (any weight)

  • Pocket Pet / Exotic (any weight)


Other Fees

Freezer Storage
$2 /Day ($100 deposit with reimbursement of rental difference)
Between $28 - $113
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