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Tuco's Trust

Everyday an animal will find itself in need of life saving medical care!  More often than not, those animals come to the Timmins and District Humane Society, because we are their last resort – their last chance! 

Tuco was one such case!  A sweet, loving and happy fellow who came to us with significant malformed back legs that impact his hips and mobility.  Specialists stated that ideally Tuco would undergo multiple surgeries to correct his mobility issues so he could live his life to the fullest.  Unfortunately, the surgeries would cost up to $20,000 – a cost we simply could not afford as a small charity.  Tuco is still with us and living on the alternative treatment plan, which is long term pain management and supportive health program, and physical assessments every six (6) months to ensure the treatment plan remains in effect.


Tuco’s story is one of many, and the inspiration for the incredible fundraising journey the Timmins & District Humane Society (TDHS) is embarking on called Tuco’s Trust. Every day TDHS sees animals come through our door in need of a second chance! Some simply need a warm bed and their belly’s filled before being reunited with their family. Unfortunately, countless are in need of a new home – a forever family to call their own.

Due to the increased demand for medical care, as we will never turn an animal away, our already strapped resources are being stretched to the breaking point. Animals that we would normally be able to help are now at risk of not getting their second chance, because we simply don’t have the funds to help them!

In light of the ever-increasing medical cases, TDHS is launching the Tuco’s Trust with a goal of raising $50,000. A goal we hope will take away the always present question and worry about whether we have the funds to help an animal in need when they need us the most! A goal we hope will eliminate animals having to needlessly wait while we look for funds to help heal them!

Animals like Tater, who came to us after being attacked by another dog, which resulted in serious puncture wounds and damage to his eye that his family could not afford to treat. Or Sahar, a young, abandoned cat who gave birth to kittens in the cold winter only to lose them because the traumatic birth resulted in her suffering from a severe prolapsed uterus. Both Tater and Sahara came to us needing emergency care! Emergency care we provided and that saved their lives.

Tuco Rolling Around

However, being able to provide this care to all animals coming to us for their second chance – animals like Tuco – requires us to have available funds. Emergency medical care costs can range from several hundred dollars, but more often than not, several thousand dollars.

Support of Tuco’s Trust ensures the question whether our ability to save an animal’s life is met with a “Yes”, and not with the question “Do we have the money?”.

Those interested in supporting Tuco’s Trust can do so by donating today!

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