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Hill's Science Diet Shelter Program

Hill's Science Diet Shelter Program

Helping Pets Find A Second Chance for Love

Pink and black noses peek out from between the bars of the enclosures to greet the group of visitors making their way slowly down the aisle. The family peers into each enclosure searching for the pet they will take home with them. They pause occasionally to accept a slobbery smooch or give a scratch behind the ears before moving on. After walking down the aisle and conversing together, they make their decision. Her name is Chelsea , a four-year-old chocolate lab. She’s beautiful, with a glossy brown coat, bright eyes and a playful personality. Once the door opens, Chelsea darts out straight into the outstretched arms of her new family.

Stories like Chelsea ‘s are a familiar scene in our shelter since we joined Hill’s Pet Nutrition Canada ‘s “Second Chance for Love” program in February of 2008. The program provides shelters like us with premium, quality food requirements for all dogs and cats waiting for a new home. As not-for-profit organizations, many shelters must rely heavily on food donations from the public or pet stores. These acts of kindness are appreciated tremendously. However, it is not ideal to feed animals different types and qualities of food because a changing diet can have a negative impact on their digestive systems. By continuously feeding our pets Hill’s Science Diet® pet food, our staff ensure that our pets are receiving a consistent, premium quality food that contributes to their overall healthy appearance, including shiny coats and regular body functions, making them healthier and much more attractive and ‘adoptable’ for families looking for a new pet. We’re excited that our arrangement with Hill’s will enable us to offer the animals in our care a consistent and high quality diet. We’ve seen first hand the role proper nutrition plays in the transformation of our pets. They are healthier, happier and more playful, which makes them more appealing to potential owners and much more likely to have a second chance for love.

Our shelter is exclusively feeding Hill’s® Science Diet® to all the dogs, cats, kittens and puppies being cared for here.

To learn more about the shelter program, please visit or contact us to find out how you can provide a loving home for one of our pets.

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